About Us


We are a company with 15 years of experience in communication through event planning and more. We are experts in the pharmaceutical industry: for this reason, we know and respect the Farmaindustria and Medtech Europe codes.

For us, organizing events is not just strategy, details, promotion and results; for our company it means carefully listening to your needs and suggesting original, creative and unique proposals.

We plan alongside you the timeline to follow and the objectives to reach:

We are professionals and perfectionists, we do not like to make estimations and we organize your event starting from your brand, from your identity or form the identity of your product.

We study trends, your competitors, your customers and to guarantee your success in terms of reputation, loyalty and profit!

Live the moment


Differentiation and value creation

To distinguish ourselves from other market players, we add value to what we do! And we do it by empathically placing the participant in the middle, trying to prevent any possible inconvenience, as we know we are REAL, NOT PERFECT.

Enjoy the result


Creating memorable events, unforgettable memories and unique experiences that will bring to our clients the right return on the investment.

For us it is a matter of quality. We put all our passion into the careful evaluation of the project, in the research for the perfect location, and into to the improvement of every element that involve all the participants to our events, always with a respect for human values.

Our commitment is extremely deep, it is a job that never ends.

Because for us, across the event, business has a human face.

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